• Silver Tags 101

      Clan tags: When did they Start? What are they for? Who makes them? Who runs them?

      When we, as a community, made the move from Halo 2, which had a built-in clan system, to Halo 3 and COD4, we had to make some changes. Xiled Gaming knew that communication was the key to running a successful clan. So we went to work and through innovation we developed what we now refer to as Silver Clan Tags. The concept is simple: To have a tag dedicated to holding all members of a single clan so it would be easy to find fellow members and would allow for easy communication and distribution of vital information to all members.

      Since this is an official Xiled Gaming tool, there had to be some organization involved. Clans in Xiled Gaming rarely go above 100 members so there is no need for any one clan to have more than one tag. When Silver Clan Tags were first introduced, the Section-Leaders stepped up and took responsibility for these tags. It is the job of an XS to make Silver Clan Tags, however, their General can be authorized to use them after they have been created. Today multiple people can access Silver Tags on different Xbox's. As, always it is a privileged to be given responsibility in XG, be it reaching a rank, taking care of tasks assigned, or even running a Silver Clan Tag.

      How to use a Silver Clan Tag:
      When sending out a Spam Message, know your audience. In the case of a Silver Clan Tag, your audience is your clan, so make sure to make it fun and professorial.

      You should spam messages that come from the ranks above you, your own clan news, new additions and promotions. Example: Introducing a new recruit to the clan. "Please welcome Bill S. Prestin Esq. to XGC Anyclan, play some games with him and get to know him."

      Silver Clan Tags Bio's: A great place to post clan Notes,

      Clan meeting Sun. @ 10pm EST
      Red Squad Practice @ 8pm Tues
      Blue Squad Practices @ 9pm on Thur

      Silver Clan Tag Bio's Should also post who the leaders are in a clan and who runs the clan tags:

      The KOG Anyclan Silver tag is run by: Ted Theodore Logan

      List Captains and Squads

      XGC Wildstalins Capt: Ruffus
      XGC Ogre Squad Capt: XGC BIGMAC

      Running a Silver Clan Tag takes time, energy and vigilance, but it can be an excellent adventure.
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        SYN MsTwiztid -
        Very informative article. Thanks for the post!
      1. VENTED PUNISHER's Avatar
        I have Call of duty four and Halo three
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        SYN BLACK XS -
        What about Bill Preston Esquire?!!! Great stuff Duke
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        lives in a box -
        I see now
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        KoG Kisses -
        Great stuff. Thanks for the information.
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        XGC DISTURBEDx -
        Love the "Bill and Teds most excellent adventure" reference!
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        XDC Dresden -
        You caught that too? I'm glad I wasn't the only one!
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        Thanks for the informative read!
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        Thanks for the knowledge.
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        great stuff to know
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