• CoD Ghosts vs. Black Ops 2: Which is better?

    By now most of the members here in our community have Call of Duty: Ghosts and have had Black Ops 2. The question now is.. Which one truely is the better game? Lets take a look and find out.. *

    If we look at Black Ops 2 first since its the game most of us came from, Different things will come to mind for all of us. For some the guns were better, the spawns were better or maybe the spawn traps were better. For others things like Zombies come to mind because I know for a fact we have some Zombie fanatics in this community. When I personally look back at Black Ops 2 I see a game I know very well, I was comfortable with my classes, the gametypes and the way the system worked. I loved how predictable people are and knowing that sometimes no matter how far behind we were I could always come in and bring it back. Zombies was never a big thing for me so when I look at the game its not a huge factor to me and neither is the Campaign. When it came to the multiplayer though I was in my element but there were some problems for sure... * The first one being the spawn system to an extent.. The annoyance of being in an area with there being no reason for the team to spawn there but then looking the other way for a second and having that enemy spawn right next to you. Not cool. Spawn control was very hard in certain gametypes, You could barely cross middle and have a spawn flip occur. The next thing was the knife system which I wont even explain because we all know they were made of silly putty and never killed anybody. Then we come to the Pistols, some of the most overpowered weapons in the game. How many times have you seen someone run around with a pistol and waste a team? I know you S&D players know the feeling well as we have been on both the receiving end as well as the giving end. In the end I am not here to bash a game but needless to say I was ready to switch and I know many others were as well. * Now we move to the new game.

    Call of Duty: Ghosts is supoosed to be the best game in the call of duty series and if you were to ask me I would have to agree with that. When I look at Ghosts I see an amazing Campaign, amazing Squad modes like Safeguard and things like Extinction to wrap it all together. The muliplayer is challenging and it keeps you on your toes. You have to consistently work together and communicate with your team or the possibility of failure is huge. The Gun Camo challenges, Operations and Field Orders keep you constantly busy. Not to mention the addition of Clan Wars pitting clans against one another for supremecy and advancement through divisions. Now dont get me wrong, Ghosts has its fair share of problems too! Spawning in Ghosts is extremely crazy, there are times where you never know where the team may spawn but in the same token it gets and keeps everyone communicating. Guard Dogs are bulletproof hellhounds bent on making your day absolutely miserable.. Which I hate as much as the next guy. Finally the more pressing issue in my eyes the amount of cheaters that we see on this game. We have modded lobbies, "11th" prestiges and Invisible players. It does make the game very annoying but at the same time they are all things that will be fixed.. *

    In the end when it comes right down to it, I believe Call of Duty: Ghosts is the better game and I am very glad that I made the switch. I like a game where I am constantly engaged in what I am doing and constantly having to work for what I want. Getting comfortable as I was in Black Ops 2 was nice but at the same time I was bored whereas with Ghosts I am the exact opposite. I look forward to further patches and updates and to me this game reigns supreme in all categories..

    What do all of you think? Lets get some opinions here!
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    1. A CanadianKitty's Avatar
      A CanadianKitty -
      I believe that everyone's favourite COD is influenced by developer of their first COD. For instance, I played World at War first, which was developed by Treyarch. I enjoyed World at War, loved both Black Ops. However, I can't stand the games by Infinity Ward. Therefore, I prefer Black Ops II over Ghosts
    1. XGC Joven's Avatar
      XGC Joven -
      Quote Originally Posted by XGC Kitty View Post
      I believe that everyone's favourite COD is influenced by developer of their first COD. For instance, I played World at War first, which was developed by Treyarch. I enjoyed World at War, loved both Black Ops. However, I can't stand the games by Infinity Ward. Therefore, I prefer Black Ops II over Ghosts
      Thanks for the feedback!!! I couldn't agree more with this statement, Seeing as my favorite COD was for sure COD4 which was Infinity Ward.
    1. x F8TLKRiLA x's Avatar
      x F8TLKRiLA x -
      I love both games they both have there ups and down .
    1. HippieJunction's Avatar
      HippieJunction -
      For me, the maps in ghosts just makes BO2 maps look like they're for kids. I do miss BO2 though being as its where I started meeting all my everyday players
    1. SYN REZ XC's Avatar
      SYN REZ XC -
      I started out with cod4, and loved that one. I preffer black ops to modern warfare, or goht tho
    1. XGC Nurse's Avatar
      XGC Nurse -
      I still prefer bo2, but I'm liking ghosts now since playing with the elite team!
    1. queenkizzy585's Avatar
      queenkizzy585 -
      Bo2 is better I hate ghost if I'm not playing with my clan or friends
    1. XGC BIGSLAM's Avatar
      For me.. BO2 is better than Ghosts.. functionally that is! I do like a lot of ideas IW tried to bring to the franchise with Ghosts; bigger maps, re-invented game modes, character customization, female soldiers, etc. But, it seems they came at a cost. Spawn logic is nearly a complete fail for me. Weapons are so few and not really impressive by any means. And some of the Support strike package items are to easily earned for how impacting they are in game. But above all, for me, my biggest headache with Ghosts is the Typical Infinity Ward Brand Lag Compensation. The balance of the fight will always go to the team most greatly benefiting from the Lag-Comp advantage. I see time and time again, the most skilled players I know rendered absolutely ineffective against opposing teams that cannot be targeted or affected accurately by weapons of every kind. Anyone playing the game will agree that it's consistently a problem where you watch you bullets/gunfire going through the enemy player striking walls behind them, like shooting at a "ghost". (Ha Ha Pun intended) BO2, I can say confidently, I never experienced at all. Treyarch seems to have it down to a science while IW seems to have no answer for Us. Hope the next game in the series will be a vast improvement.
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