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  1. Youtube!!!!! New hobby and goal!

    So recently I had acquired an overwhelming desire to post YouTube vids. Well, ok maybe not so much recently, I always wanted to, but I guess recently became more serious about it. I am a bit on the shy side sometimes so I never got around to it, ya know? I wanted to do it for a few things, but figured gaming would be a cool start. I am really just looking for another hobby and to take my gaming to the next level. I don't plan to become a huge star or anything, just share something I love with ...

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  2. Please watch and comment

    trying new entertainment on youtube its a series called portal please watch all the way throu and give your opinion thank you and have a nice day. link-
  3. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

    So I often enter contests and sweepstakes and I NEVER win, lol. Recently, I entered a Van's Natural Foods First Taste Giveaway. It took about 1 minute to enter and all I had to do was hope I won! Today I received in the mail a gift box from Van's for being a winner in the giveaway! Super excited, seeing as I never win anything, haha. So this just goes to show that sometimes you CAN win in a seemingly impossible sweepstakes or contest.

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  4. Button Remapping Petition IMPORTANT!!!

    [B]This is very important not just for the physically disabled but, for all gamers. I have signed the petition will you?[/B]

  5. Youtube channel

    hey members of i"m making a new gaming youtube channel. I"m just wondering if anyone wants to help me if you do message me on or xbox360 my gamertag on xbox360 is KoG Samurai.