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  2. XBOX one vs. playstation

    I hear mixed opinions concerning XBOX one and the new playstation. I am leaning towards the XBOX one, but would like tho hear opposing comments on the advantages of the new playstation.
  3. Xbox360 ELITE

    Hello all XILEDGAMING members Iv made an call of duty ELITE clan for black ops 2 called XLED Community please join it will make me and my broken shin happy lol
  4. Ghost Hunting

    Whats up xgc gamers?! Well had a few questions tomorrow night after I get off of work im going to this haunted ground outside of Oquawka,IL its a church with a graveyard directly across from it. Now heres the thing I love doing this an I love the thrill and excitement but this is my very first "Investigation" (if you may) but I am going alone an don't have to much equipment besides my cellphone which im going to use to snap some pics an see if I can get any recordings does anybody have ...
  5. Girl Gamer

    A little info about my history of gaming

    The first gaming experience I remember was playing some old school scuba diving game on my dad's 486 computer. From there, I didn't play too many PC games...I kind of got into The Sims, and Need for Speed...but that was all

    Console games, I started on an Atari, playing pong and other awesome arcade games. I've owned Ninendo, Super Nintendo, Playstation, N64, Gameboy and Gameboy color. My favourite was Donkey Kong country for