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  1. Brothers and Sisters in Blue

    Good afternoon XGC Fam,

    So today I'm wanting to promoted the new group I created for law enforcement and families and friends of law enforcement. It's an open group for support and care for a profession that is not respected or appreciated now days. Feel free to check it out. Again, it is Brothers and Sisters in Blue. Click the link to check it out.

  2. GOHANS Tips ,Tip 10

    Ensure no member is left behind.

    If you have members that you feel are being left behind or are on another game that most of the clan is not gaming on set up a time and talk with them. If they feel the same way you will need to find them a clan that they can be transferred to so they can continue their enjoyable gaming experience with XG.
  3. Relationships and Gaming

    Happy Monday!!

    Just kidding, we all know Mondays suck.

    Today I wanna touch on one simple subject, just because I feel like some things should be pointed out, and that's relationships with a gamer.

    Okay so ladies, if your man (or woman), wants to sit down, relax, and game it up....JOIN THEM!! Its a great way to spend time together, its stress relieving, also it shows them that you care about what they enjoy doing. You dodmt have to do it all the time, ...
  4. GOHAN Tips , Tip 9

    How to post a squad list:

    First you create a thread for a squad list you click on “Post New Thread”
    Next you click on the “Prefix” and select a “Squad List”(color) whatever color you want to use. Then you put your squad’s name for the title Example: Valiant Squad


    Then in the Quick reply

    Example 1

    Example 1

    Sergeants (3)
    Example ...
  5. 2v2 Tournament

    $100 2v2 Tournament

    I would like to think everyone that participated or that watched on the stream for the 2v2 tournament. We had a lot of fun helping and a special thanks to XGC xTFLEMx XI and XGC Traitor XC for throwing this together. There will be more tournaments to come soon. This was one of the first tourneys of 2017 for XiledGaming.

    The finalists came down to two teams that consisted of XGC and KoG. Here was the following match up:

    XGC Binx/XGC Reflexes

    Updated 01-15-2017 at 11:02 AM by XGC Touch XS